Mobile Marketing

Radhana Enterprises

Radhana Enterprises endeavors to conceive your brand as a ‘state-of-the-art’ innovator in the mobile world.

Designing ads that distinguish you from your competitor with professionalization being at its epitome assuredly gives chill winds to Mobile Marketing.

It is not a cakewalk to grab the attention of consumers while connecting with them through a medium like mobile phones. Associate with Radhana Enterprises, one of the leading Mobile Marketing Agencies in Kolkata, India, to attain supremacy in mobile marketing knacks. We at Radhana Enterprises devise strategies that would connect to your Brand by engaging them into content that allures their psyche.

The Integrated Mobile Marketing Services provided by Radhana Enterprises would certainly improve your brand visibility and escalate the conversion rates exponentially.


Radhana Enterprises endeavors to conceive your brand as a ‘state-of-the-art’ innovator in the mobile world.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: We acquire data that exhibit competitor’s brownie-points and understand traffic driving features.
GAME PLAN: We build strategies that provide periodic updates to attain ceaseless customer engagement.
CONCISE CONTENT: We design the content for mobile marketing that is crisp and appear to be an attractive standpoint.
APPEALING INTERFACE: We provide images, videos, tones and texts that are a visually too alluring for customers to let go.
CONTEXTUALIZING: We build your brand in ways where your audience can locate you spot-on.
PAYOFF: We communicate a consistent brand image that captivates leads by virtue of all mobile marketing channels.

Google Mobile Ad Extensions

Creating mobile search ads with Google also lets you take advantage of Google’s nifty mobile ad extensions, which include features like:

Mobile Site Links: Mobile site links make it easy for mobile users to jump to specific pages of your site without wandering around. Site links are especially useful in mobile marketing, as it’s much more convenient for users on mobile devices.

Click-to-Call Mobile Ad Extension: The click-to-call extension puts a “call” button directly beneath an ad. Clicking the button automatically generates a business’s phone number on a user’s mobile device.

Google Offers for Mobile: The Google Offers mobile ad extension lets advertisers post a discount offer or coupon beneath their ad. These special offers can capture the attention of users who might otherwise ignore an ad.