Promotional Ads Marketing

When we talk about advertising and promotions in this new era of digital marketing we’re normally referring to traditional promotions and advertising placements that inform, persuade and influence consumers in form of Promotional Ads Marketing. Radhana Enterprises Promotional Ads Marketing is experienced in planning and implementing small- and large-scale promotions and advertising programs based on sound strategy.

Why use Promotional Ads Marketing to manage your advertising?

Promotional Ads Marketing

Promotional Ads Marketing

  • We get the positioning right. We decide how your product or service should be positioned and we’re consistent about it. We craft ads that explain that you are offering one important thing to your key target market.
  • We keep it simple. We simplify your advertising strategy down to a single promise, or a “unique selling proposition” that you can deliver better than anyone else. We put that promise, and your brand, in the heading where it can’t be missed.
  • We talk to the customer with great copy. The readers, listeners to or viewers of your ads are real people with real needs. Copywriting is an art we practice daily. We capture attention with copy that talks to people in a language they understand.
  • We create great images that cut through. A great image conveys more than words. Whether we use photography, illustration or typography we ensure the image is the best it can be. Sometimes we create images with many layers of meaning. Then we use copy sparingly to reinforce the headline and the visual message.


Why use Radhana Enterprises Marketing to manage your promotions?

Radhana Enterprises Marketing ensures that a well-defined strategy underpins your promotional plan so that you target your audience effectively and have a well defined objective for your promotional activities. Without a strategy you can run the risk of losing focus.

For any product or services the objectives of a promotion could be to:

  • provide useful information
  • increase demand
  • differentiate from competitors
  • accentuate the value proposition
  • increase or stabilize sales.