Woo Commerce Website

Choosing the right e-commerce software can be like navigating a minefield. Lucky for you the hard work’s already been done, there is only one e-commerce solution we would recommend for a new website and that solution is WooCommerce. Selling online is drastically simplified by Woo-commerce, and it’s a pleasure to work with both from a website design and development perspective, and as an end user.

And so that’s why we will only sell Woo-commerce solutions.

Our e-commerce website design package is based on our bespoke design service and centres around WordPress and WooCommerce. We will take you all the way from concept to sales. It’s a process with many potential pitfalls, but we will guide you through the maze and get you up and running quickly and with minimal hassle.
WooCommerce is a very popular Open Source e-commerce platform that integrates with WordPress. It has excellent support and is extremely versatile and extensible. For WooCommerce in Berkshire, Squelch Design is the only place to be!